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January 16 2013

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October 29 2012

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October 13 2012

It's a fucking hard business...
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October 07 2012

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A bridge for animals
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October 05 2012

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September 20 2012

January 20 2012

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I saw this man on the Metro this past Monday, and asked him who the flowers were for. They were for his wife. They’ve been married for 47 years. Every Monday, he brings her home flowers after work. My heart died at that moment.


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January 19 2012

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Every year, thousands of books just like this are ruined by hipsters all over Tumblr. Reblog if you’re part of the 5% who care and want to help stop book abuse.

If you don’t reblog this you don’t have a heart.

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October 27 2011

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Reblog this if you AREN'T homophobic.

Just want to see how many of my followers actually reblog this.

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switzerland, Cern
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